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Why is desktop software better for PDF to Excel conversion?

1:1 Table Data Extraction

No matter how complex your PDF tables are, the unique table conversion technology ensures that you get accurate output every single time.

Batch PDF to Excel Conversion

No need to convert one PDF at a time. You can quickly convert multiple, even hundreds of PDF files to XLSX, XLS, and CSV in seconds.

Powerful OCR for Scanned Files

Able2Extract Pro comes with a powerful OCR engine that can instantly turn scanned PDFs into Excel files you can edit right away.

Customize Conversion Output

Manually add, remove, and modify rows and columns. Take complete control over results with the conversion preview feature.

Convert PDF to CSV

If you need to get CSV instead of Excel file formats, Able2Extract offers that conversion type as well. Instantly turn any PDF to CSV.

Extract Only PDF Tables

Automatically convert only tabular PDF data to Excel, excluding all surrounding content like paragraphs of text and visual elements.

Convert Any File to Excel

Besides PDF to Excel conversion, you can easily convert MS Word, PowerPoint, and other printable file formats to editable Excel spreadsheets.

Save Time with Conversion Templates

Create and save your conversion settings as a template for later use on similarly formatted documents like invoices and credit card statements.

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