Convert PDF to Excel

Convert Any PDF (scanned or regular) to Excel Online Immediately


Or select a file from your cloud storage

Upload a PDF file and the conversion will start.

You are not asked for an email or other personal information.

After six hours all files are deleted from the servers.

How does PDF to Excel converter work?

This tool is completely web-based and requires internet connection. Files are converted on the servers and deleted after few hours. Once the file is converted it can be downloaded directly on the website. Click on the Upload button to select a file from a computer. If the file you want to convert is somewhere in the cloud, click on one of the three icons suggested- Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Conversion will start immediately and in a few seconds you can download a converted file.

What type of files are supported?

This tool converts native and scanned PDF files to Excel. Our OCR technology can extract textual data from a scanned document. Converted files can be downloaded in .xlsx format and edited further in Excel or Calc.

Is PDF to Excel converter totally free?

Yes, it is free. There are no hidden costs and you can use this online tool limitlessly. There is no file size limit or the file number limit, you can convert as many PDFs as you need, of any size.

How long does it take to convert a file?

The conversion lasts for a few seconds, but it depends on your internet speed and the file size. The bigger the file, the longer you will wait.

So, email is not required, right?

That’s right. We don’t ask for your email address, just upload a PDF file from a computer or the cloud and the conversion will take place on our servers. The converted file will be available for download on the website. Make sure you don’t close the website before you have downloaded the file.

Can you convert scanned files?

Yes, our tool can convert scanned PDF files to Excel thanks to our advanced OCR technology. You can easily convert scanned PDFs and extract tabular data.